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Improving individual and/or organisational capacities by building on existing skills and knowledge of civil society actors.


Christoph Lodemann brings profound experience in capacity development, which both includes facilitation of learning process and developing concepts of capacity building on individual and organisational level.


In specific, Mr. Lodemann’s capacity development experience includes:


  • Extensive experience in preparation and facilitation of trainings and learning processes, both for a large number of CSOs in Denmark and for CSOs around the world.

  • Through the work as an advisor (Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya) Mr Lodemann headed long-term capacity development processes of CSOs, combining trainings, advice, and strategic personal and organisational development.

  • Development of training concepts for project cycle management, hereunder the formulation of projects, result based management, and monitoring and evaluation.

  • Formulation of training packages, such as self-learning manuals, facilitators guide, e-learning modality. Formulated training manuals for Niras-IP Consult (GIZ Uganda) about a) internal governance, and b) advocacy.

  • Development of national capacity development concepts, such as a training concepts for HIV/AIDS desk officers in local government of Kenya (National Aids Control Council), or the national capacity development strategy for legal aid providers in Tanzania (Legal Aid Facility).

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