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A strong civil society sector contributes to a just and open society that respects and enables human rights.


Christoph Lodemann is experienced in strengthening civil society by support civil society organisations (CSOs) and networks, their internal governance and ability to play their role in fostering good governance. 


Specific experiences with strengthening civil society includes:


  • Supporting internal governance and organisational development at CSOs. This includes work with board development, transparent decision making, and project management.

  • Facilitating strategic planning processes of CSOs and networks, with experiences from Danish CSOs as well as Tanzanian CSOs.

  • Strategy development for advocacy and government engagement, for instance concerning land rights, health promotion, and women’s rights (Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam)

  • Supporting process to monitor, evaluate and learn from organisational change.

  • Strengthening partnerships, networks and collaboration between CSOs.


There are strong interlinkages between civil society strengthening and capacity development. Mr. Lodemann has extensive experience in strengthening the capacity of CSOs and thereby also to strengthen civil society as such.

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